Vibration, Music and FEA

Since yesterday night I have been thinking about music.  Then it turned out to be vibrations and later on I related it with FEA.
Each scale has seven "Sur".  Sa, Re, Ga, Ma and Pa.  I tried it on my synthesizer and the thing I noticed is, these "Sur" are relative to each other.  Means, if I play a Sargam from a "Sa", same "Sa" can be heard as "Re" if I play from one down. 

These are basically frequencies.  Because of these only the "Harmonium" is called a "Harmonium" since it uses the Harmonics of the scale.  The part I'm still amazed is that the scales are divided equally into 8 parts (being 7 sur), yet there are other in between frequencies which we know as "Komal" and "Teevra".

Up to this is fine.  But then I thought about guitar FEA Analysis!  It would be really interesting to analyze the natural frequencies for a guitar wire!  I found out that some projects are already done on that.

From here on my perspective on vibration has enlightened.  People think of vibrations as always be noisy and unwanted conditions unknowingly the fact that the same vibrations help us to relax when we listen music.  It's the frequencies which make you laugh when somebody laughs in typical manner. 

And it's the vibrations which annoys the machine operator who complains to his superior about it and such superiors can contact us to get the solutions! 

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